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NPAT Digital Leaders Meeting

Firstly I want to say a big well done to the 8 digital leaders who were chosen to be IT ambassadors for our school. They had to fill out an application form stating why they would make a good digital leader. They represented the school brilliantly today on our trip to Ecton Brook Primary School where they met other NPAT digital leaders.

The role of a digital leader is to promote e-safety within school, to help support their classmates and teachers in using and looking after ICT equipment. As well as being involved in decisions about buying new ICT resources and hopefully helping to run an IT club.

Today the children met with other schools and have been very busy, after logging in they learned how to use Forms and Teams on Office 365, they designed a questionnaire and created a Sway on ‘what makes a good digital leader’.

The children were extremely patient- as we all know technology sometimes goes wrong, it can be very temperamental and many of the children showed a super can-do attitude by not giving up. Growth mindset- well done!! They met new children from different schools, shared their ideas and developed their knowledge and skills when using Office 365!

Well done Digital Leaders you are fantastic!

Look out for the digital leaders in our school as they will be able to help you and you might recognise them by their fancy new badges!

Blog Competition!

Yes… that’s right… we have a brand new blog competition where you could win prizes!

But… in order to win, you must take part and be creative. Here is your challenge… watch this video.

If it’s not just a box.. what else could it be?

Post your ideas on a comment below. We are looking for the most interesting and creative ideas. If you would like to show us your idea by using a picture then this can be added to the comment or if this doesn’t work then email and the Digital Leaders will post the comment for you.

We look forward to seeing your ideas and will be excited to choose a winner.

Animation club

We have set up and run our first animation club this lunchtime with some Year 3/4 children. The programme ‘Stickman figure’ is being used to create some animation and the children have really enjoyed it.

DSC01142a DSC01143a DSC01144 DSC01145

Miss Bird – “I have been amazed at how the digital leaders have had an idea to run the club, created posters and application forms then run the session. Fantastic!”

Makey Makey

Some of our Digital Leaders had a fantastic session learning how to use the Makey Makey technology at the University of Northampton. We were able to make our scratch programmes work using controls made out of all kinds of strange things – bananas, jelly babies, tin foil, carrots, play dough, etc. We even played Minecraft using those items. It was an amazing experience and we got to collaborate with other children from different schools.



IMAG5564 IMAG5578 IMAG5580 IMAG55612 IMAG55832


Make a poster for Digital Leaders

Hi All,

Digital Leaders are having a competition for the best E-Safety poster to put around the school.If you would like to enter then make a great poster for our school then hand it in to a Digital Leader or Miss Bird then you are automatically entered.Please use kids smart to help yourself with it.

The prize is very special so get ready if you win!


Good Luck!

Have your say…

Most children love gaming – true. Gaming can teach you a lot – true. So should we use gaming in school? Could we use gaming in school?

That is the question… what do you think?

How could gaming be used in school?

What games could be used?

What would it be teaching you?


Have your say and comment below. The teacher in WFPS will listen to your view! You can have a say in your learning.


Our Digital Leaders have a really big and important task which they are working on for the next couple of weeks. They have to prepare and teach e-safety lessons to all the classes in Key Stage 2. They will be using the SMART rules from KidSmart to teach them how to be safe when using the internet. I hope you look forward to the sessions!

bsafe (1)


Please welcome our new Digital Leaders


We have lots of ideas ready to improve and help computing in WFPS.

We have started by promoting the new Tubs4Tabs promotion which has started. Please help by buying Flora butter tubs and sending in clean lids with the promotional code on them. If we collect 50 lids then we can get a free tablet for our school! See the posters around school for any further information.

Thank you,

Digital Leaders

Blog Competition

Join in with this competition and we might like your post enough for you to win the PRIZE!

All you have to do is watch the video below and answer the question:

What other missions might Walter do that the pigeon ruins?

Write your answer in a comment – remember to add as much detail, be careful with spelling and remember punctuation. The one that entertains us the most will be the winner!!

Good Luck!!

Digital Leaders