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NPAT Digital Leaders Meeting

Firstly I want to say a big well done to the 8 digital leaders who were chosen to be IT ambassadors for our school. They had to fill out an application form stating why they would make a good digital leader. They represented the school brilliantly today on our trip to Ecton Brook Primary School where they met other NPAT digital leaders.

The role of a digital leader is to promote e-safety within school, to help support their classmates and teachers in using and looking after ICT equipment. As well as being involved in decisions about buying new ICT resources and hopefully helping to run an IT club.

Today the children met with other schools and have been very busy, after logging in they learned how to use Forms and Teams on Office 365, they designed a questionnaire and created a Sway on ‘what makes a good digital leader’.

The children were extremely patient- as we all know technology sometimes goes wrong, it can be very temperamental and many of the children showed a super can-do attitude by not giving up. Growth mindset- well done!! They met new children from different schools, shared their ideas and developed their knowledge and skills when using Office 365!

Well done Digital Leaders you are fantastic!

Look out for the digital leaders in our school as they will be able to help you and you might recognise them by their fancy new badges!