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Most children love gaming – true. Gaming can teach you a lot – true. So should we use gaming in school? Could we use gaming in school?

That is the question… what do you think?

How could gaming be used in school?

What games could be used?

What would it be teaching you?


Have your say and comment below. The teacher in WFPS will listen to your view! You can have a say in your learning.

2 thoughts on “Have your say…

  1. Hello I would like to be a digital leader because I always wanted to help people on the computer and make sure children and adults are safe and know how to use the computers also on the right website.I really want to be a digital leader because it is the most clever thing that i can do also i like helping other people on their own computers . Children as they get more older they can understand what website they need to go on and how to be safe.Also i like technology and to have a talent is good but if someone says that your not good at technology do not listen to them your talent can be good !!!!!

  2. I think it is really important we use our imagination and digital skills as much as we can{ in a safe way} so if it means computer games then we should have more around the school. Though…. We must be careful ,and that is what we use e-safety by not giving our personal details because anything can happen on line. Although some games are dangerous they can bring out talent from some one, talent makes you who you are. Technology is a learning proses we should use more.

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